Our House In Spring, 2018 – Part 1

May 8, 2018:  Spring passed quickly in 2018.


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Our House on the Front Range: Dogs and Beer Edition

March 27, 2018:  We believe that Colorado Front Range citizenship entails a holy trinity of dogs, beer and Subarus.  We didn’t find a Subaru, but we spent February exploring the other two branches.


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Our House in South Carolina

May 30, 2017:  On to South Carolina, the Real South?


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Our House in Coastal Georgia

May 12, 2017:  Keeping to the coast, we left Florida and explored a bit of Georgia.


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Our House in Florida

May 4, 2017: Who knew that Florida was so beautiful?  Other than the 20 million people who live there, of course.  Or the 110 million tourists who visit each year.  Well, maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised by what we found.  But we were.

Florida (22)

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Our House in New Orleans

April 24, 2017:  It’s entirely possible that some day “Our House in New Orleans” will refer to something a lot more stationary than a van.  We really like this town.

New Orleans1028

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Our House in Louisiana

April 6, 2017:  In Louisiana, it’s a good idea to heed the warning signs.

March (87)

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