Our house in Mexico, concluded

Last time we spoke, we were about to leave San Cristóbal del las Casas. But first, a few more pictures:

The textile market:

Michael got to watch the Vikings beat the Patriots.

Finally, on November 25, we descended from the mountains 1.5 hours to the airport at Tuxtla Gutiérrez, 5700′ (1740M) lower, and a lot warmer.

We spent a couple of day in Mexico City with friends. We watched Mexico’s World Cup match against Argentina. Fun, but would have been more fun with a different outcome. . .

We took a fun walking food tour. One of the highlights was this fruit, seriously one of the best things we ate during this entire time in Mexico:

After Mexico City, we went to Cabo San Lucas, a place we had never been before. We stayed at an adults-only hostel. It should have been obvious that “adults” would mostly mean just barely (though we were far from the oldest guests). It was an experience, but had a nice pool area. Even better when the DJ wasn’t there.

The hostel was the second floor of a strip mall on the marina near where cruise ship passengers disembarked. There were several pharmacies, a dive shop, and a Senior Frog’s that closed in the late afternoons after the cruisers left for the day. The room was quite nice and it was a good central location to explore central Cabo. Overall, we found the city way too geared toward day trippers, with plenty of inauthentic opportunities to waste money on souvenirs, over priced restaurants, and drugs of the legal, semi-legal, and overtly illegal varieties. The marina was pleasant at night, and provided an opportunity to watch seals, pelicans, and fish during the day. And to see some impressive yachts.

We went on a whale watching tour and saw a number of humpback whales, and some beautiful scenery.

The boat has an all female crew. They were great. It was a fun tour.

We were VERY safe on the boat.

Later, we found a brewery with decent beer and the best view.

Cabo is certainly beautiful, the water was nice, and we liked the marine mammals. But it’s not really our scene. We probably wouldn’t plan to go back.

Finally, in early December, we returned home to our new city, New Orleans.

That’s it for this adventure. We don’t know if we will be posting again. As you can see, it’s become somewhat of a low effort affair.

Hope you all have a great 2023!

One thought on “Our house in Mexico, concluded

  1. Frances Rose December 31, 2022 / 11:53 am

    I really enjoyed the pictures and your comments. Thanks. Please keep us posted.


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