Our House in Mérida, Part 1

December 19-26, 2015:  We spent the week of December 19th with our friends John, Kate and Brenna in Mérida.  Mérida is a colonial city, founded by the Spanish in 1542, with a population over 750,000.  The Yucatan is hot, humid and buggy once you’re off the coast.  It’s hard to imagine life here before modern conveniences like screens, bug spray and air conditioning. Continue reading

Our House in the Yucatan

December 15, 2015:  Leaving Frontera we had almost 9 hours of driving left to reach Akumal.  In order to get that done in one day we had to get an early start.  We left the hotel after brief and chilly showers to retrieve our house from the taxi lot around 6:00 am.  Taxi service was just getting started and the gate was open and ready for business.  We got on the road.

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Our House in Southern Mexico

December 14, 2015:  Before hitting the road, we decided we needed a mechanic to check out the house, figure out the source of the fluid leak, and assess the brakes.  We walked next door to the Pemex station and asked for a recommendation.  One of the attendants (all gas is full service in Mexico) went to talk to someone, and came back with a business card for a mechanic.  We walked off with the card, with the attendant looking nervously after us.  After realizing what was going on, we grabbed a phone, took a picture of the card, and gave it back to the relieved attendant.  We called, and the recommended mechanic said he would meet us at the Pemex station (after a discussion about which station.  After all, every gas station in Mexico is a Pemex station).

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Our House in Central Mexico

December 13, 2015:  Continuing our sprint to the Caribbean, we spent most of December 13th really, really high.  Seriously, we were at altitudes between 5000-7000 feet for most of the day, and exceeded 8,000 a couple of times, as we drove through the central plateau, the altiplano.  We enjoyed cool and dry weather for this portion of the trip.

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Our House in Blessing, Texas

November 23, 2015 and counting:  Our goal was Blessing, Texas by Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Laura’s mom.  Laura’s family moved to Blessing in the mid-80s and Laura graduated from the local high school.

We made it ahead of schedule and will be here for a while as we wrap up details before moving across the border.

Flat South Texas.jpg
Don’t let anyone tell you the Midwest is flat.  This is flat.

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