Update, November 2022:

We have sold the van and bought a house in New Orleans.  See below for where we were, starting in 2015:

Our House In… is a blog about the adventures of Laura and Michael in their 1998 Leisure Travel Freedom, a small RV.

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The RV:  It’s 19’10” long and 8’9″ tall.  It’s self-contained, meaning it has a kitchen, bathroom and a couch in the back that converts to a king size bed.  Though it’s old, it had just 38,000 miles on the odometer when purchased in September 2015.

The small size does mean a lot of compromises, but also a lot of opportunities.  Our RV fits in a standard parking spot, meaning we won’t have to pay to store it if we decide to stay in a house, apartment, or hotel for a while.  It’s easy to drive, and gets 13+ MPG.

The Adventure:  In early 2015, we decided that it was time for something different.  We sold our house in Saint Paul, Minnesota and most of our worldly possessions.  We bought the RV, and formulated the beginning of a plan.

First, get out of Minnesota before the snow flies.  Thanksgiving in Texas with Laura’s Mom was a good goal to get us moving.

Second, spend the winter in Mexico.

Third, ?

We aren’t sure how long this adventure will last – maybe a year, maybe 20.

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Michael and Laura

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